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At Jamb, we believe in quality, that's why we use the Blomdahl Medical Grade Piercing System for our ear piercings. The Blomdahl system is world renown as being the most hygenic and effective method. 

We use only medical grade, allergy free and certified sterile jewellery. The healing process is made easier as there is no need to turn or move the jewellery during the healing process.

We also use Blomdahl's specially designed piercing jewellery for ear with thicker posts. This jewellery creates slightly wider holes which reduce the chance of damage when jewellery is changed. This design also allows air to circulate freely around the wound, promoting faster healing.

The process is simple, only takes a few minutes and can be carried out by our friendly staff. The only hard part? Choosing what jewellery you want to wear first!

*all piercings require photo ID as proof of age and must be over the age of 18 (under 18 requires parent presence, consent, parent photo ID and a medicare card with the minors name as proof)

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